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Notice: This character is non-binary. Therefore, the article has been written in "gender-neutral" terms when referring to them, for consistency.

Akihito Kanzaki
Kanji 神崎 昭仁
Romaji Kanzaki Akihito
  • 12
  • Queen
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Non-binary
Hair Color White
Unique Features Thick eyeliner
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Relationship Status Dating (Eka)
  • Shirase Hospital
  • CCC
Occupation Doctor

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Akihito Kanzaki (神崎 昭仁, Kanzaki Akihito?) is a doctor at Shirase Hospital, as well as a member of the CCC where they go under the code name 12 (Queen).


Kanzaki has short white hair and a short hairline. A part of their forelocks hangs lengthier on one side, framing the right side of their face. They wear thick eyeliner and patterned clothes. They also have two moles aligned vertically on the left side of their neck.


Kanzaki has been called relatively open-minded, and they are a mysterious person who controls an armed group they call "elite guards".


Kirio Kikuhara[]

Kanzaki and Kikuhara seem particularly close, despite the fact that Kikuhara is technically their superior. The two aren't afraid to speak openly with one another, as they feel comfortable in each others' presence. In fact, Kikuhara often tends to wander into Kanzaki's room to sleep, claiming that it smells like a hospital and that it soothes him. Kanzaki is always more than happy to oblige, finding this simple oddity of Kikuhara's to be amusing.

Their camaraderie extends further into loyalty, as Kanzaki once asked if they might kill the ones responsible for attempting to assassinate Kikuhara. Kikuhara's response to this was; “do what you like”.

The two seem not only privy to top-secret information alluding to their ultimate goal, but rather founders and co-conspirators in its initial stages. At one point, Kikuhara mentions a plan he had concocted five years before at the "Chizu Estate," saying they had finally reached the point of being able to carry it out.


Eka is a male devil romantically involved with Kanzaki. Not much is known about him except the implication that he is particularly sensitive to bloodlust, causing Kanzaki to approach him with caution, for fear of pushing him too hard. However, despite this 'patient' relationship, they appear genuinely committed to one another.


  • The name Akihito means "shining, bright" (昭) (aki) and "compassionate" (仁) (hito).
  • Akihito's surname Kanzaki means "god, deity" (神) (kan) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki).


  • Their trademark appearance is the dark eyeliner they wear.
  • Kanzaki came out as non-binary "X-gender" in the extra chapter "X Bed".
  • They control a secret group of 'elite guards' believed to be devils who have learned to fully control their bloodlust.


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