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Akio Kano
Kanji 加納 昭雄
Romaji Kanō Akio
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Light Green
Unique Features Scar on his left eye
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Former Affiliation ONLO
Occupation Hospital director
Manga Debut Line 12; Survival Time
Anime Debut Episode 6; Dogmatic
Japanese VA Kenichi Ogata
English VA Jay Hickman

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Akio Kano (加納 昭雄, Kanō Akio?) is a doctor that has experience with treating devils. He used to work at the hospital near ONLO in the 80's and 90's. He now runs his own clinic with several staff members in Saitama where he specializes in psychosomatic medicine. He is also a member of the R2PC.


Kano is a short, elderly man with light-green colored eyes with a small scar on his left eye. He has long, shaggy and wavy white hair which is pulled back with a pair of glasses. He also has a heavy beard and mustache that covers most of his lower jaw.


Kano is well looked-up to since he is very open and clear with his patients. His good reputation is spread by word of mouth, many of his patients are referrals from others.

At the same time, Kano is frank and not afraid to speak his mind, as he makes quick impressions and statements. He was sure that Kaname Shirase and Susumu Sofue were "screwing with each other" despite her being a lesbian respectively him being married with children and grandchildren. He was also the one who told Johannes Kleeman that he could get rid of his bloodlust by masturbating.

He is not above correcting people when they are wrong. He is very blunt with people and will tell what them what he feels like they should do. He is straightforward and doesn't stop talking with his patients or other people until he gets to hear what he wants to hear, or when the patients acknowledge their issues in order to develop their self-improvement.

He always carries a level-headed demeanor and can be mature and serious, and he manages his job effectively. He is helpful towards others and gives good advice. Knowledgeable about devils, he is very understanding of their personal feelings and inner conflicts they have he was able to give Yuuki Anzai the first push in controlling his bloodlust training.


  • The name Akio means "shining, bright" (昭) and "hero, manly" (雄) (o).
  • Akio's surname Kano means "add, increase" (加) (ka) and "payment, settlement, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store" (納) (no).


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