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Jellybeems Jellybeems 23 February 2018


The deed is done.  Just a mini chapter left.  

I fear for what happens in the next chapter.  Jesus.  

Oh, I have a concern. 

Yes, it's about Tamaki! 

Tamaki's voice actor is, like, pretty famous.  He's done all these big roles. Light Yagami, he's in Tokyo Ghoul, a main character in Persona 5 AND FFXV, and funnily enough, Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. 


Why is he playing this role? Tamaki says like literally 3 things in 10 volumes and 2 of those things are "Um"s. 

Are they gonna have him talk? 

I mean, I get that they don't want to do sign language, like animate it, but there has got to be a better way around this.  Like camera angles or something.

It's fine. It's probably fine.

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 2 February 2018

2/2 Update

Awww yeah!  I've translated two chapters now!  Including one of my favorites, Roots 1!  It took longer than the other chapter due to the first part of it being mostly sciencey exposition and words like "fetus" and "womb" and, yeah, well mostly things about pregnancy really....  That and Romajidesu was down so I had to think a little harder about some things. 

Three more chapters (and a mini chapter) to go! 

Have I talked about the trailer to the anime yet? I don't know, but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked Yuuki and Tsukasa's voices. I think the animation looked good on Anzai (though I'm not sure what part of the manga that is). The color palette is good. 

Can't wait for Volume 11, to be honest.  Although, I know it won't be as good as 10,…

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 24 January 2018

1/23 Update

I finished summarizing all of the chapters available in English.  Next, I have to translate the chapters in Volume 10.  I already started (with the easy parts). I'm going to have to look up some words to do the rest.  I'll try to write them down and add them to my flashcard deck too. 

I'm excited though, because Volume 10 is really good.  The last chapter is going to be difficult.  Oh my god, I was just reading it on the plane the other day and Midori is a 100% TMI machine.  I still can't help but like her though. Just...less so. Also, for some reason I had never read the last pages and I missed a whole bunch of stuff that foreshadows what's to come. Eh, I tend to jump around like that with the Japanese version though. I always skip the par…

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 20 December 2017

12/20 Update

Yay, volume 5 is finished!  I'm hoping that I can do a lot during the winter break.  I don't think I can finish the summaries, but I think it would be nice to finish through volume 9.

Also, lots of anime news today!  It's going to release in April of next year.  I think that's going to be plenty of time to get the site to a good place before more people start showing up.  I'm guessing that we'll have a bit more traffic after a trailer goes up, but by that I mean we might actually have traffic.  Right now, it's more like an unfinished expressway and the only one on it is like one construction worker.  I am not comfortable with similes but I think that works pretty well.  

Lots of casting news as well.  I already made a pointless discussion po…

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 17 December 2017

12/17 Update

Did it!  Okay, it's a day late, but I summarized chapter 25.  It's over!  You're welcome, internet.  I did your dirty work.  

I think I'm coming down with something.  I need to go to bed.

Oh and I noticed something about chapter 24 right as I was waking up yesterday morning.  And I wanted to comment about it.

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS (up through volume 10)

So, I never noticed Midori's scar until I started doing the character profiles, but she's got a scar on her chest.  As she's giving her speach in chapter 24, there's a panel of a devil and a human attempting to have sex in front of a pair of doctors, but the chains break and it all goes bottom up (or so I'm assuming).  The devil looks an awful lot like Tamaki and the human looks an awful l…

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 14 December 2017

12/14 Update

Everything's moving along nicely.  I'm surprised I've caught two major mistakes in the translation already.  Well, that and that terrible translation of Lee's joke in chapter 20.  *shudder*  That was the reason why it took me so long to buy that volume despite it being one of my favorites.  

Speaking of favorite volumes...5 is not going to be my favorite to summarize.  I've been dreading "Offline" for awhile now.  Two more days and it'll be over.  How will I even summarize that?  And much further down the line (Ha!  Get it????) there's another one.  It's not hard to figure out which one it is if you look at the chapter titles.

What have I gotten myself into with this fandom?  

2 person fandom.

For now.

Next week, there'll be more news about the…

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 10 December 2017

12/10 Update

Oh hey!  I edited the banner.  It's nice now, isn't it?  

Another chapter done!  I think there is a mistranslation in chapter 18.  Eleven says "he was seen on the stairs" but I'm pretty sure she's talking about Nana, so that would be "she".  Also I didn't like the translation of her love subsiding for Zero Two.  Nobody says a love is "cooling".  Fading, dying, subsiding...those all work, but "cooling"?  That's such a literal translation.  

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 9 December 2017

12/9 Update

I finally got the 3 books I was missing (3, 5, and 9).  Apparently 10 doesn't come out till March?  Volume 11 comes out in January in Japan, so I'll get that.  I already read some spoilers accidentally.  ネタバレ means spoilers in Japanese.  The more you know!  I seems obvious now, but...

I'm trying to do a chapter a day.  Seems to be going well, but it's gonna take foreverrrr.  Gonna have to go back and edit some stuff.  Gotta edit Hybrid Birth Project to "Plan" even though project sounds better to me.  

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 1 December 2017

Status Update 12/1/17

So, I'm trying to be more spoiler friendly.  I went back and replaced names.  It's mostly just 02 that's the problem.  I also used people's most commonly used name, so Johannes Kleiman is now always referred to as Hans Lee and so on.  Even in the character links at the bottom of chapters.  

I made some more character pages.  Finished the CCC members.  Queen is kinda a lost cause right now.  I only realized he was a dude like a week ago when I found out his first name was the super masculine "Akihito".  Dude looks like a lady.  I really need to reread the parts he's in.  

I'm getting more English books soon!

Uhh, oh and I did a few more chapter summaries.  Yay.  I want those to be done because they take forever.

In other news, the Devils' Line …

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 28 November 2017

Status Update 11/28/17

Okay, so after some thought I decided to create separate pages for each chapter.  Took a while.  Looks good, I think.  It fits nicely with the volume page.  Hopefully Undella will update the List of Volumes page and make it similar to the manga page she(?) already made.  

Didn't get around to making character pages.

So tired, must sleep.

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 27 November 2017

Status Update 11/27/17

Oh!  Someone else edited the page today!  They redesigned the home page and added a poll!  It is lovely! 

In more good news, I got admin status, so I used that to change the top bar layout.

The top bar ended up adding a lot of new pages that I'd need to add.  I at least made all of them (except a character or two).  I know I'm missing Eleven.  I just checked and the other is Midori.  I would really like to do hers next, but I don't have the energy right now.

I added a character list and made sure to add all the currently existing character pages to it.  And I made a volume list too.  That was probably the most time consuming.  I also made pages for Division 5, devils, hybrids, and probably something else.  Those were just the bare minimum.  I…

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Jellybeems Jellybeems 26 November 2017

Status Update 11/26/17

I've finished all the characters that appear in Volume 1.  All character entries still need to be expanded.  I'd like to add a history section for each especially, along with appearance and possibly a personality section.  

I'm working on getting all of the factions done.  I got a lot done on the CCC page, but I still need to do the mission section.  I need to add characters to the ONL page.  The F Squad and Kageo University pages still need to be added.

I also want to add a sort of glossary page so terms like devil and hybrid can be explained in detail.  I'm not sure how I want to organize it yet.  If the terms can be defined briefly, then a single page should do, but if things need to be more detailed, then perhaps the glossory would have …

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Arrania6 Arrania6 19 November 2015


Hello humans. I've created this page because I couldn't find any Devil's Line site in english with more information or any fandom whatsoever. I guess it doesn't have a big audience because it's neither scanlated nor released in english. I became a fan by buying the french version even though french is not my native language (google translate is my best friend). It's gonna be released in english in spring 2016 (it was recently announced that it's being licensed by Vertical).  If anyone wants to help, please do. It's my first wikia and it's still a work in progress. So if there are any other english speaking fans out there, I would appreciate your help. 

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