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The CCC is an abbreviation for the Chosen Civil Community. It is a terrorist group made up of a handful of members with the goal of eliminating devils from society. It functions as an ordinary NPO corporation. Most members are subjected to death. It is currently disbanded.

Members Edit

All members of the CCC are given a code name that is either a number or based off a number. Not all members are known yet.

Image Code Name Real Name Duty Status
Kaname Shirase01 (Zero One)Kaname ShiraseLeader and investor of the CCCNo longer affiliated
Kikuhara02 (Zero Two)Kirio KikuharaCommander,
Double agent embedded in the police department,
Leader of A Squad
No longer affiliated
0404 (Zero Four)Kouhei NakamuraField combatant,
Ushio05 (Zero Five)Naoya UshioDouble agent embedded in the police department,
Member of C Squad
No longer affiliated
Makimura06 (Zero Six)Takeshi MakimuraCombatant (sniper),
Undercover agent investigating the CCC
No longer affiliated
0707 (Zero Seven)Nanako TenjoCombatant (sniper)No longer affiliated
0909 (Zero Nine)Kenichi YoshiiTech, developer and engineerNo longer affiliated
1111 (Eleven)Mayu SumimoriAccounting and intelligenceNo longer affiliated
1212 (Queen)Akihito KanzakiDoctorNo longer affiliated
Ishimaru13 (Jason)Megumi IshimaruUndercover agent investigating the CCCNo longer affiliated
1515 (Fifteen)Ren MurakamiField combatant,
Yuriko HyugaNoneYuriko HyugaReporter,
No longer affiliated

Operations Edit

  • Plan A
  • Plan B (The Ikebukuro Incident)

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