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Plan B (プラン B, Puran B?) is the fifth episode of the Devils' Line anime series. It aired May 5, 2018.


Three members of F Squad, including Jill, are watching the evening weather report at Bar Sakaki when Ren Murakami of the Chosen Civil Community (CCC) stabs the weather reporter girl, causing the devil filming the report to transform and suck her blood on live television, in a public place. Even though she is seeing it through the television, Jill transforms too, but Anzai, wearing a gas mask that blocks color and smell, stops her before she can hurt anyone.

Hans and Tsukasa, who are in the plaza with the weather reporter at the time of the broadcast, witness the whole thing. Hans stops the devil from killing the reporter, and Tsukasa is forced to flee when she encounters another devil who also transformed at the sight of the reporter's blood. The devil gives chase, but is stopped by Anzai coming to the rescue.

Anzai takes Tsukasa onto a rooftop, where they sit for a while. He gives her some sedative that she can inject into a devil for self-defense in case she ever encounters another devil in transformed state. He then notices that she is bleeding from a cut and starts to leave, but stays at Tsukasa's request after she gives him some of the sedative. Anzai notes that since Hans had a necklace with a black cross, the symbol of Obihiro National Laboratory (ONL), they may in fact be from the same place; however, Anzai has no recollection of any foreigners or fellow half-devils his age there when he was growing up. Anzai considers the fact that because it is near impossible for devils and humans to reproduce, he may not in fact be half-devil, but full devil. This train of thought leads Anzai to question how Tsukasa can stand to be around him, a devil. Tsukasa admits that she likes him.

Tsukasa and Anzai hear someone coming, so they get out of sight, leading to them clinging on the wrong end of the railing surrounding the balcony. The sedative has not completely worn off, so Anzai, feeling his knees give out, pushes Tsukasa against the railing and himself falls off the balcony. He is saved by Hans, who grabs the both of them and pulls them back onto the balcony, remarking that Anzai is weak for one of devil blood.

Public Safety Division 5 wrapping up things on-site at the location of the stabbing. Chief Kikuhara of Squad A introduces himself to Anzai. Anzai feels that they have met before, but he isn't sure where.

Tsukasa, Anzai, and Hans go to Bar Sakaki for the night. Although bar owner Toshiro Sakaki rents the upper rooms out, he doesn't have any vacant rooms, so he suggests that Tsukasa can stay in Anzai's room. Anzai objects, claiming that "it's a mess". In the common area, Jill is grumbling that eventually, devils are going to be excluded from society and work, which is a shame since her current line of work with the police is the only place where devils get decent treatment. Sawazaki shakes her out of her soliloquy, telling both her and Anzai that they belong here and he will not let anything happen to them. Sakaki makes ramen for a midnight snack. Tsukasa compliments Jill's Hollywood appearance, but Jill finds it more embarrassing than flattering.

At an elevated location at night, Ren Murakami and Zero Seven, two members of the CCC, argue about the weather reporter's stabbing, called the "Ikekuburo Incident," which is part of the CCC's Plan B. Murakami is of the opinion that a few deaths is an acceptable sacrifice for the greater good, while Zero Seven opposes any killing of humans. Murakami then stabs her, revealing that he was assigned to kill Zero Seven if she tried to interfere with Plan B.

Anzai asks Dr. Yanagi if sexual intercourse between humans and devils is possible, to which the doctor's answer is that it is difficult, but still possible. Additionally, any half-devil offspring is not guilty for the actions of his or her parents. At this point, Tsukasa interrupts them to ask about their desired ramen flavors, and Yanagi, seeing that Tsukasa wishes to speak with Anzai, leaves the two alone.

Tsukasa tells Anzai what Hans has told her about drinking blood to develop tolerance, speed healing, and increase life expectancy for devils. When Anzai expresses scepticism, Tsukasa begs him to drink her blood.

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