Feng Jing


Feng Anime

Kanji 馮静
Romaji Fen Jin
Alias Dr. Feng Jing
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color
  • Light Brown
  • Black (Originally)
Eye Color Light Green
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Other Relations Johannes Kleeman (Close Friend)
Affiliation Shirase Hospital
Occupation Doctor
Manga Debut Line 24; Don't Cry
Anime Debut Episode 9; Command

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Feng Jing (馮静 Fen Jin?) is a doctor who works at Shirase Hospital. She is one of the donors who sells blood to Johannes Kleeman, and is a close friend of his.

Appearance Edit

Feng is a human woman of Chinese heritage currently living in Tokyo. She has a slim build and originally had long, black hair which fell down past her shoulders, but she had it dyed light brown and cut to a lower chin-length just prior to her debut. Her fringe is middle parted and she has two strands of hair framing her face while the rest is tucked behind her ears.

When asked by her good friend, Hans Lee, regarding her sudden, drastic transformation, she claimed that she simply wanted a "change of pace".

She has calm, light-green eyes.

Gallery Edit

Feng Before
Feng before she cut and dyed her hair.
Feng encouraging Lee.

Personality Edit

Feng is a kind and soft-spoken woman. She exudes a calm demeanor and can handle stressful situations level-headedly. In casual interactions, she is easy-going, carefree, and even playful, especially with Lee. She tends to mess with him quite often. However, she cares deeply for him and embraces him as a true friend. Like Lee, she doesn't want to focus much on love or romance. She simply wishes to enjoy life. However, she treasures and believes in familial and friendship bonds, and claims that people are not so simple-minded when it comes to abandoning those they feel are important to them.

Relationships Edit

Johannes Kleeman Edit

Feng and Lee are very close. They have been friends for quite a while and Feng sells him blood. However, their relationship does not solely consist of selling and buying blood. They share a genuine friendship as two who are of the same heritage, while also finding common ground as foreigners (Lee being German and Feng, Chinese) living in Japan. They are very comfortable with each other and Feng cares deeply for Lee, as she was seen to be happy and very excited when Lee revealed that he had become "friends" with F Squad. She hopes that he'll become a member of that "family", too. She also doesn't care about the fact that he comes from an underground hospital, as she thinks of him as part of her own family.

Feng pushes Lee to go back to F Squad, his "home", but she has told him repeatedly that if he really doesn't have anywhere to go, she would happily let him live with her. Feng is determined to please Lee, having bought a toothbrush for him and prepared his favorite meals whenever he came to stay. Although Feng has stated that she does not like him romantically, she has mentioned several times that she would like to sleep with him. Likewise, Lee has also expressed a desire to try it. However, Feng is a bit fearful that their relationship will change if they cross that line. Still, Feng considers Lee a very important person in her life, and expresses to him that she will always be there to support and help him if ever he needs it.

Trivia Edit

  • Feng is the one who made Lee's alias name, 'Hans Lee.'
  • She is seen to smoke from time to time.
  • Her nationality is Chinese.

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