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Haruto Minegishi
Kanji 峯岸 遙登
Romaji Minegishi Haruto
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Occupation Researcher
Manga Debut Line 22; First End
Anime Debut Episode 8; Command

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Haruto Minegishi (峯岸 遙登, Minegishi Haruto?) is an attendant at ONL's Bionomic Research Department and Midori Anzai's co-worker. He is young and a new recruit to the team, but he's experienced as he has been in the lab for five years.


Minegishi is a young man with a rather small and short build. He is noted to have a cute face and big, light-colored eyes. He has short, straight black hair with fairly long bangs covering his forehead.


Minegishi is very energetic, jolly, cheerful, and enthusiastic. When he's fascinated by something, he reacts in a very interested and lively manner, such as when he went to Tokyo for the first time in ages. He has good communicating skills and appears to be open and friendly with people. He also loves exploring different places, sightseeing and generally just enjoy his life to the fullest. Since he has been in the lab for five years, he is smart and knowledgeable. But since he is a new recruit in the bionomic department, there are many things he doesn't know yet so he tries his best to learn new things and improve himself as a researcher.


Minegishi, along with his co-workers Midori Anzai, Julius Kurtz, and Masami Komatsu, went from Obihiro (ONL) to Tokyo to attend an R2PC (Red-eyes' Rights Protection Committee) meeting to revise the Devil Action Guidelines. This was the first time Minegishi went to such a meeting, so he appeared to be very interested and happy. However, he didn't participate in the meeting and was just an observer. After the meeting, Midori told her co-workers that they could stay in Tokyo to sightsee since she had to go home for her own reasons. When Minegishi was too enthusiastic by sightseeing even though Midori couldn't come, he was scolded by Komatsu.


  • The name Haruto means "far/far off, distant, long ago" (遙) (haru) and "rise, ascend" (登) (to).
  • Haruto's surname Minegishi means "peak, summit" (峯) (mine) and "shore, bank, coast" (岸) (kishi/gishi).


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