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Hybrids are children of a devil and a human parent.


Devil-human hyrids are a rarity among the devil community due to the risks involved when engaging in sexual activities with humans. However, hybrids have become an increasingly hot area of study among medical researchers - primarily the idea that the hybrids' half-human physiology allows them the ability to assert more control over their bloodlust than pure devils.



Generally, devil-human hybrids are born by artificial insemination in the modern age due to complications and risks in sexual activities between human and devil. The woman's egg is fertilized while the man's sperm is taken by masturbation. The Hybrid Birth Project is a project solely to produce hybrids, research their abilities and their ReMI. There are no known naturally-conceived hybrids.

  • The one at greatest risk is the human mother. The devil fetus is likely to die after contact with the mother's blood. And conversely, the fetus can transform in the womb and put the mother in danger.

Known hybrids[]

Known hybrids in the Devils Line universe.

Yuuki Anzai Johannes Kleeman


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