Ibuki Takeya
Ibuki Takeya
Kanji 武谷 伊吹
Romaji Takeya Ibuki
Alias Red 8
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Date of Death 2008
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Relationship Status Single (possibly widowed)
Other Relations Yuuki Anzai (Surrogate Son)
Former Affiliation ONL
Manga Debut Line 50

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Ibuki Takeya (武谷 伊吹 Takeya Ibuki?) was a part of the Red Group of the 15th Hybrid Birth Project at ONL. A volunteer to take part in the experiment due to financial reasons, she was paired with Tamaki Anzai and was intended to become the mother of a hybrid. However, due to Tamaki and Midori Sako requesting a partner change because of their love for each other, Ibuki happily agreed to become the surrogate for their son, Yuuki Anzai.

History Edit

Ibuki Takeya, at some point, married and had two daughters. The reason she volunteered for the Hybrid Project was that she wanted to pay back the large debts her family had left behind, as well as to help cover school tuition for her daughters as a single mom. Being in the Red Group, Ibuki was referred to as "Red 8" and was paired with Tamaki Anzai. She gave her full consent to the project, but she didn't want to talk with her partner as she had no plans to remarry.

After hearing Midori and Tamaki's love-story and story in general and discussing with Midori why they needed a surrogate, Ibuki accepted to become the surrogate for Midori's eggs and Tamaki's sperm. She took an interest in both Midori and Tamaki, so much that she wanted to meet her initial partner Tamaki. Eventually, Yuuki Anzai was born with no complications to him or Ibuki. Before Yuuki was born, she only prayed for him to be born safely, as well as grow up to be a healthy person.

Although she was healthy after the birth, she started having problems with her lungs in 2008 (when Yuuki was 16), so she eventually passed away.

Appearance Edit

Ibuki was a middle-aged woman with straight, black shoulder-length hair worn in a bun. She occasionally had her hair loose. She was seen to dress very professionally.

Personality Edit

Evident from her reasons for volunteering to Hybrid Project, Ibuki appeared to be a very hardworking and considerate woman with strong parental instincts. She cared for her daughters deeply and did everything to help them. It is also very possible that Ibuki was very loyal and faithful to her (presumed) deceased spouse as she had no intention of remarrying. She also accepted Midori and Tamaki's request to become a surrogate, and she strongly supported them and happily agreed to it. During the time she was pregnant with Yuuki, Ibuki seemed to bond with Midori, and Tamaki to a certain degree as well. Ibuki also appeared to be very loving, as she showered Yuuki with love before his birth. Despite having only met him once (during his birth), Ibuki was very fond of him, as she would occasionally wonder how he was doing and wished that she could see him again, despite no blood relation to him at all.

Legacy Edit

When Yuuki grew older, he got to hear the whole story from before he was born up to when he was born from his mother, Midori. On Midori's and Ibuki's older brother's, Yasuhiko Takeya's request, Yuuki went to a cemetery to visit Ibuki's grave. Yuuki was quite touched by the love Ibuki harbored for him so he "patted" her grave. After that, Yuuki had come to realize that he had a lot of family members, including Ibuki, whom he described as "someone who is almost like a mother".

Trivia Edit

  • According to Ibuki's older brother, one of Ibuki's regrets was that she couldn't hold Yuuki even once when he was born.

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