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Johannes Kleeman



Hans Lee Anime

Kanji ヨハネス・クレーマン
Romaji Johanesu Kurēman
  • Hans Lee (ハンス・李 Rī Hansu?)
  • Number 7
  • The Silver Wolf
Biological Information
Species Hybrid
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 181 cm / 5'11"
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Date of Birth January 18th, 1992
Unique Features Transformed left eye
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Hometown ONLO facility; Obihiro, Hokkaido
Manga Debut Line 6; Monster
Anime Debut
Japanese VA Ryohei Kimura
English VA Scott Gibbs

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Johannes Kleeman (ヨハネス・クレーマン Johanesu Kurēman?), or his alias and preferred name, Hans Lee (ハンス・李 Rī Hansu?), is a devil/human hybrid. He is a rather carefree person, unbothered even by blood. By drinking controlled dosages every morning and evening, he has managed to almost completely control his bloodlust.

He is a part of the 15th Hybrid Birth Project at ONLO in Hokkaido, where he was born and raised. He was raised at the same facility as Yuuki Anzai, although not the same group. It appears that his departure from ONLO wasn't authorized.

An unofficial member of the F Squad, Lee later began acting independently after the squad's disbandment and came to be known as "The Silver Wolf" due to coincidentally saving devils in need. After being sighted by Kaname Shirase however, Lee was decided and agreed to become a poster child for a movement to bring humans and devils together.

History Edit

Johannes Kleeman was born and raised in Obihiro; Hokkaido, for the purpose of being made to be a part of the White Group 07 of the 15th Hybrid Birth Project. He is the child of a Chinese devil mother and a German human father. Since he was born solely to assist the research devil/human offsprings and their abilities and characteristics, he was taken in by ONLO and never gained a legal parent-child relationship with his parents.

Hans Lee experiement

A younger Lee being experimented on

Growing up as a hybrid project at ONLO, Lee was used for many years in experiments on wound healing: they would hurt him, make him drink blood and then assess how he healed. Due to being a valuable experiment, he was constantly guarded and isolated in a room. The only thing he had was books, which gave him a vast amount of information about the outside world. This helped him become more cooperative with the testings which in turn made his single eye transformation successful. The reason that the single eye transformation was performed on Lee was that he was born almost blind in his left eye. Above all that, something he specifically gained an interest in, as he saw it as, was "the endless sky".

When Lee was about twenty years old, he decided to run away due to his wish to see the sky since there was a gap in the security, but later come back to the facility once he was done observing the sky. However, he was adviced by devil researcher Midori Anzai who worked at ONL to run away for real as they would never let him go out again if he came back, and since the facility wasn't his real home; there were more things than the sky for him to discover. Midori helped him escape and gave him some essential money. Before leaving him, she ensured him that he was strong, prayed for his freedom and that he would eventually find a real home. At that moment, Midori also told him his real name, "Johannes Kleeman".

For the following years, it is unknown what Lee did, but it is known that he traveled and eventually came to Tokyo. He met several people who gave him blood and let him stay at their home, one of them being Dr. Feng Jing, a woman who Lee became well acquainted with. From Feng, Lee began using the alias "Hans Lee".

Appearance Edit

Lee is a tall young man with an average build noted to be handsome. He has long, straight silver hair (white in the anime) that reaches his upper back and usually covers his left eye. He occasionally wears his hair in a ponytail as suggested by Tsukasa. He has blue eyes, but his left eye is constantly in a transformed state; the white of his eye is red and the iris is a golden yellow. This is because he drinks blood to regain his vision in his left eye which triggers the transformation. He likes to wear baggy clothes like hoodies. He also wore a cross necklace similar in design to Yuuki's ring.

After the timeskip, Lee's initial look was shorter hair. However, since he did it himself, his hair looked shaggy and messy. He also liked to wear mantels, hoodies and casual clothes. After being decided to become the poster child for a devil-protection movement, Lee's appearance began taking after that of Queen's and his subordinates appearance; with a thick eye-liner and earrings. He also began wearing his hair in a high, messy ponytail with his bangs slicked back.

Gallery Edit

Lee kid
Lee as a child.
Lee no transformed eye
Lee without a transformed left eye, being almost blind in it.
Hans Lee Transformed
Lee in his transformed state.
Lee Ponytail
Lee with a ponytail.
Chapter 44
Lee's initial post-timeskip appearance.
Lee PTS2
Lee's disheveled appearance with no transformed left eye.
Lee's full appearance in the anime.
Lee Anime
Lee's debut in the anime.

Personality Edit

Lee is a rather blunt, straightforward and mysterious person. He is not very open about himself and his past but does not nonetheless really hide his identity. He is carefree, does things in his own way, goes at his own pace and by his own accords. He also eats a lot and is notable for having food in his mouth or with him, even when in a dangerous situation. He is very honest and occasionally says things that cannot be taken as either the truth or a joke, in which he comes off as eccentric. Although he often is comical, humorous and joking, he can be very serious and confrontational when needed and when he himself feels like it, and never loses his cool. Unlike Yuuki, he can't be emotionally manipulated and is very mature and level-headed, and never lets his emotions take the better of him. He does not sympathize with people who "deserve" to be symphonized with, he doesn't care if people have had a rough past - it doesn't justify their indiscriminate behavior. Lee is a person who isn't afraid to speak his mind and will say things head-on. He is also quite good at reading between the lines and is quick on the uptake when something wrong is going on.

He doesn't fear himself as a hybrid and has complete control over himself, and knows what he's doing. He is also very knowledgeable about himself, devils and hybrids, but doesn't really care about issues like devils, human or anything. He is lively, sunny and brimming with curiosity, and due to his lack of interest in devil matters, he is rather curious and surprised by the different behavior of humans, devils and their co-existence, or more precisely; Tsukasa and Yuuki's different actions in various situations. Because of his carefree personality, it has made him very insensitive towards people feelings. He will say what is right and wrong according to himself, but he doesn't take other people's feelings into consideration. However, this changes for the better when he starts spending more time with the F Squad, as he realized the fault behind his own behavior.

After the CCC assault raid, he separates from the members of the former F Squad and acts independently. Even though he has saved a lot of people from devil hunters and is considered a hero of justice (earning the nickname "The Silver Wolf"), Lee is clueless regarding these matters and even claims that he is not doing any of it due to his sense of justice, but rather because he was only out for a walk and happened to see it. This also applies to the first time he saved Yuuki from Zero Seven.

Ever since he was a child, he has always had an interest in the sky as he was always held in isolation. He has been alone for the majority of his life as he hadn't had any real friends or family. This is why he doesn't have much trust in familial bonds and doesn't know what a "family" really is, as he claims that he isn't a "member" of the large family consisting of the F Squad, Tsukasa, Sakaki and Kano. He also thought that he would be excluded from the group after a while. He has always only seen the sky as his "home" and still does to which he associates many of feelings with, but slowly and unconsciously, Lee starts to consider the group, particularly Tsukasa and Yuuki, as his friends (and even family) and them being people who he wants to go home to. This is evident by the fact that he looked up at the sky (which he sees as his "home") when both Yuuki and Tsukasa showed genuine care for him. Lee is also caring and considerate towards those who treat him kindly and those who he cares for, such as Feng.

Abilities Edit

Johannes Kleeman's Statistics:
Combat strength Skills Eyesight
80/100 Right level of transformation Left 0.2 (4.6 when transformed) / Right 4.8

Fighting Skills and Strength Edit

Lee is a highly capable and very skilled hand-to-hand fighter. He is immensely strong and can keep up with transformed devils even without transforming himself. He uses kicks, throws, holds, punches, and other techniques to defeat his enemies. He can defeat several people one after the other in a short period of time. He has a high stamina, speed, and movements, which makes him agile as he can easily dodge other peoples attacks while attacking others.

Transformation and Healing Edit

Lee can almost perfectly control his bloodlust due to drinking a small dosage everyday and he, therefore, gets used to it. This means that although he does transform when seeing or tasting blood, he doesn't lose his mind and can still manage effectively. When he transforms, only his left eye transform while the rest of his body is in control. This is the advantage being a hybrid has given him. He is very knowledgeable of himself and other devils, since he knows how much blood will heal what degree of the wound. He also knows how much to drink himself to maintain his sight in his left eye and his physical abilities. His bloodlust is very low, but when he does feel it rising, he masturbates to get rid of it, as bloodlust is closely associated with a devil's sexual drive.

Trivia Edit

  • His average sleeping time is 4 hours.
  • He likes any food, especially fried chicken.
  • He is skilled at making flip books.
  • His alias name, "Hans Lee", was created by Feng.
    • She took the "Lee" from "Kleeman".
  • The necklace he initially often wore, was a gift from Midori Anzai when Lee escaped ONL.
  • After the time-skip, Lee spent his time helping persecuted devils and became an online phenomenon, whereon, he was known as the Silver Wolf.

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