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Terrorists' Side (テロリストサイド, Terorisuto Saido?) is the last, mini-chapter of the fourth volume of the Devils' Line manga series that takes place just after Line 1.


At the terrorists' hideout in November of 2012, Zero Four brings in fireworks he got on sale and shows them to Eleven so he can get an advance on his paycheck. She doesn't let him without a receipt. Fifteen is playing a handheld nearby and overhears them. They call Zero Nine down from his computers to join in setting them off in the courtyard. Fifteen gets Nine to invite Makimura (Zero Six) as well. Eleven's not fond of the idea because he always yells at her for screwing up. Zero Seven also gets dragged into it by Fifteen.

Zero Four and Fifteen call Eleven by her real name, Mayu Sumimori, and she gets up in arms about it. She doesn't like the way it sounds. Makimura arrives and says it's a cute name, although he says she isn't. They mention her crush on Kikuhara. Zero Four seems to think Makimura is the better catch. Then they ask for her opinion on Ushio and she thinks he's good looking, too.

Zero Seven asks Makimura for a little extra sniper training before their mission begins. He, Seven, and Nine discuss who Zero One could be. Makimura infers that it's the investor of the group because their budget is huge. It's best not to find out.

Zero Five is driving Kikuhara to the hideout. They talk about the recently solved the vampire serial killer case. Kikuhara says he won't get the punishment he deserves if he's addicted enough to blood. They'll send him to a center instead. They arrive at the hideout and see all of the other members playing around with fireworks. Kikuhara says only some of them will prove useful.

Chapter Notes[]

  • All known members of the CCC are introduced, including their full names.
  • All but Kikuhara and Ushio light fireworks and sparklers.
  • Zero Seven got her sniper training from Zero Six.
  • Kikuhara states that they are expendable.



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