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Go Nowhere (ゴーノーウェア, Gō nōea?) is the last, mini-chapter of the sixth volume that was an originally unpublished part of Line 29 in the Devils' Line manga series.


Sawazaki takes Jill to his apartment where she'll be staying while she's under probation. He gives her a tour and shows her room. She is touched that he cleaned the apartment for her so that his smell is faint. He must have known she has a keen sense of smell.

It's late, so Jill joins him as he goes to the convenience store for some food. He tells her she can stop living there whenever she wants. He understands it might be weird living with an older guy. Jill gets flustered thinking he might have a crush on her, but everything he says comes out platonic, so she's sure she's imagining it.

Jill sees the moon and quotes a famous Japanese author and Sawazaki quotes another famous Japanese writer and translator, but even though the words are romantic, their conversation remains rather light. Sawazaki also thinks that Jill may have a crush on him, but since she doesn't confess it, he dismisses it. He can't help but notice her beauty in the moonlight.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Jill moves in with Sawazaki.
  • Both think the other has a crush on them, but no confessions are made.



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