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CUT (カット, Katto?) is the last, mini-chapter of the seventh volume of the Devils' Line manga series, which was originally an unpublished part of Line 3.


Tsukasa tells Anzai that she'll being going to a year-end party with the people in her lab tomorrow. Anzai is disappointed he won't get to see her. She offers to leave her balcony door open in case he wants to warm up under her kotatsu while she's gone, but he absolutely won't let her leave her room unlocked. He is torn between spending more time with her and his own beliefs that humans and devils shouldn't get this close to each other, but his heart wins out. He asks her what time to party will get out and promises to stop by for a bit tomorrow once she gets home.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Anzai and Tsukasa have trouble fathoming being apart for more than a day.



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