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Cloak (クローク, Kurōku?) is a mini-chapter of the eighth volume of the Devils' Line manga series, which was originally an unpublished chapter that takes place just before Line 42.


Megumi Ishimaru wakes up on the floor of his room, a manga lies open on his face. As he gets ready for work he thinks about a manga he needs to buy and how the length of his hair is getting a bit out of hand. Although he rarely has a proper breakfast, he makes bacon, eggs, and rice on this morning. It is April 3rd, the day he will meet with Anzai for his investigation into Kirio Kikuhara. Thinking of Anzai, brings back memories of the other members of the now dissolved F Squad. He decides to text Asami a simple "How are you doing?". Asami assumes something must be wrong if Ishimaru is contacting him, so he calls him about the weird text. Ishimaru explains that it really is nothing and they hang up. He knows he's not the easiest person to get along with or the most social person, but he enjoyed hearing from Asami and misses the people in F Squad.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Ishimaru gets ready for work on the day of his meeting with Anzai for his investigation.
  • Ishimaru misses his colleagues in F Squad.



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