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Heart (ハート, Hāto?) is a mini-chapter of the ninth volume of the Devils' Line manga series, which was originally an unpublished chapter that takes place just after Line 46.


Takeshi Makimura and Mayu Sumimori are getting settled in at their safe-house somewhere in Tokyo. It is a small one room apartment. Mayu had been hoping to share the bed with Makimura, but he plans on picking up a futon for himself, which makes her worried that he'll turn down her feelings. To get her mind off of it, she decides to look at the notebook her mom gave her when she left. Inside is a picture of her dad before he had plastic surgery. She shows Makimura, saying he looks just like her. The rest of the notebook has tips about cooking and cleaning. Shince Makimura has a job, she offers to do the housework as long as it's not boring. He says he'll help her so she doesn't get bored.

Makimura watches her read and thinks about his feelings for her. He thinks he loves her, but it's not like the passionate, sexual love he felt in college. He describes it as persistant and steadfast. His eyes catch her lips and he feels as though he could kiss them. Mayu notices him spacing out and tells him to get some sleep since he had been driving all night and she goes so far as to tuck him in. Makimura murmurs something, but he denies saying anything.

Mayu remembers the note that came with the photo from her mom. In it, her mom says she is reminded of her and her husband when she sees Mayu and Makimura together. When her husband told her he wanted to get plastic surgery, she'd been against it, so he went off alone to have it done. She regrets not being there for him. She thinks that Makimura is the kind of person who would stay with her through a difficult time like that. As Mayu continues reading, Makimura then thinks about how he's glad that Mayu didn't hear what he mumbled, since an apparent weird phase slipped out of his mouth when he thought about wanting to be with her: "I wish the two of us could be as one..."

Chapter Notes[]

  • Mayu and Makimura settle in at a safe-house in Tokyo.
  • The notebook Mayu's mom gave her contains a picture of her father before his plastic surgery and notes about cooking and cleaning.
  • Makimura is falling more in love with Mayu and thinks about kissing her.
  • Mayu's mom regrets not being supportive of her husband's decision, but thinks Makimura won't make the same mistake.



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