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Out of Control (アウトオブコントロール, Auto obu Kontorōru?) is the first chapter of the second volume and the overall seventh chapter of the Devils' Line manga series and the seventh chapter.


After being shot in the chest, Hans Lee is feeding human blood to Anzai. Sawazaki and Yanagi appear on the scene and start tracking him down. Yanagi notices that Anzai's temperature is rising fast through a device linked to Anzai's ring which measures his temperature. This leads Yanagi to believe that Anzai had some of Tsukasa's blood, but she insists that didn't happen. But if not Tsukasa's blood, whose? Tsukasa begs to come along on their search out of fear of never seeing him again. They use the GPS tracker to hunt him down in their car.

Anzai's wound heals up quickly after drinking the blood. Hans tells Zero Seven that he has nothing to do with Anzai and that the blood is bought from the owner. He also tries to convince her she's looking at devils and humans as if it were a black and white issue, which he says it's not. Humans are capable of awful things, too.

Anzai has a dream about being a child in a jail-like facility filled with horribly transformed devils screaming for blood. Someone tells him he's just like them. Anzai denies it and starts to cry. A bleeding Tsukasa appears before him and he starts to transform, losing himself. He reaches out to her with the rest of the devils.

Anzai awakens and immediately attacks Hans, but his attention quickly turns to Zero Seven. She runs out of the alleyway and is hit by the car being driven by Sawazaki. Anzai springs on top of her. Tsukasa gets out of the car and pleads for him to stop, which lures his attention to her. Just as he's about to attack, Hans punches him. It is clear now that behind Hans' hair, one of his eyes is transformed, though all of his senses are intact.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Anzai's ring monitors his body temperature.
  • When drinking blood, devils' body temperature rises fast. Anzai's goes from 80 to 102 in minutes.
  • Anzai's wound in his chest is healed from drinking blood.
  • Anzai has a strange dream about an underground facility filled with devils.
  • The blood causes Anzai to lose control completely.
  • F Squad tracks Anzai down using a GPS tracker.
  • Anzai nearly attacks Tsukasa, but Hans intervenes.
  • One of Hans' eyes is transformed, but he is in control.



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