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Naoya Ushio


Ushio Anime

Kanji 牛尾 直也
Romaji Ushio Naoya
Alias 05 (Zero Five (ゼロゴ Zero Go?))
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 168 cm / 5'6"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Date of Birth September 23rd
Unique Features Birthmark on left cheek
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Former Affiliation
  • MPD Public Safety (Division 5, C Squad)
  • CCC
Former Occupation Police officer
Manga Debut Line 20; Lock On
Anime Debut Episode 7; Chaser
Japanese VA Ryota Osaka
English VA Benjamin McLaughlin

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Ushio after two and a half months in detention.

Naoya Ushio (牛尾 直也 Ushio Naoya?) was a member of C Squad in the MPD Public Safety Division 5. He is also a double agent working for the CCC, in which he goes under the code name 05 (Zero Five (ゼロゴ Zero Go?)).

He joined the organization because he sympathized with the devils he interacted with at work. He saw how they suffered from their bloodlust, and, feeling sorry for them, wished to release them from their cursed fate.

Appearance Edit

Ushio is a man noted by others to be handsome. His most distinctive feature is a huge birthmark on his left cheek, which is pinkish in color. He has short, wavy dark brown hair with bangs framing his face, and particularly slanted light brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Ushio is initially seen to be considerate and helpful to others. When first meeting Tsukasa after she was rescued from a hostage situation, he was calm and compassionate toward her, casually offering her something to drink in order to make her feel more comfortable. However, this turns sour, as his charming tactics were a form of manipulation, a ruse to lure her into a trap.

We then begin to see that he is both blunt and aggressive when attempting to gather useful information, only using kindness if it furthers his own goals.

He isn't one to beat around the bush when doing his job, and he prefers to face things head-on. This allows him to handle situations in a serious, level-headed manner as both a police officer, and a spy for the CCC.

When working directly for the CCC, he is shown to be incredibly devoted to the organization, and committed to do whatever is necessary in order to keep it as discreet as possible. To this end, he is often cruel, and he has no qualms against killing people who stand in his way.

With regard to devils, Ushio likes and sympathizes with them. However, he has a twisted way of thinking and views the co-existence between humans and devils as impossible. For this reason, he joined the CCC with the hope of exterminate devils from existence, thus releasing them from the pain and suffering they face from not being human.

Story Edit

Naoya Ushio was one of the earliest CCC members and was listed as a director of a company with no activity, most likely only created to help cover for the CCC.

When Nanako Tenjo had run away, being a criminal since openly leaving the CCC and holding Tsukasa hostage, she thought that it was suspicious that they hadn't heard anything over the police radios. She warns Tsukasa about Public Safety Officer Naoya Ushio as he's another member of the CCC, Zero Five. Then, Nanako and Kenichi Yoshii tie her up on the bed to make it look like she was kept hostage instead of involved with them. A few officers arrived at the Mino Hotel where Tsukasa was held hostage. Ushio texts Zero Six the location and by a stroke of luck it is the hotel opposite from his room. Ushio immediately tried to separate from his partner with Tsukasa. He then suggested going back to the lobby separately and proceeded to take Tsukasa to the elevator alone. Ushio could easily tell by Tsukasa's expression that she knew who he was, a CCC spy who had infiltrated the police department. Unable to say anything, Tsukasa used the opportunity when the elevator stopped at a floor to sneak her hand into her pocket and grab the stun gun, where she tazed him in the inner thigh.

When Tsukasa escaped, Ushio later caught that a guest as he was leaving and asked for his room key, suspecting that Tsukasa snuck into the room. Bursting the door open and finding Tsukasa there, Ushio pointed his gun at Tsukasa. He explained that he needed to kill her because she found out that he's a CCC - Chosen Civil Community spy. He didn't want to risk his job as a police officer or his identity as a member of a terrorist group. Ushio then explained that he joined the group because he pities devils like his devil squad-mates who get looked at like they're monsters by the people they save, such as Yusuke Kaga. He sees their suffering and he wants to put them out of it and be free. Tsukasa proceeded to tell Ushio that he had no right to choose the fates of devils for them. This just made Ushio lose his patience and he shot her in the side. However, the stun gun blocked the bullet and she was falling from the window, Tsukasa was saved by Yuuki Anzai. Yuuki attempted to go after Ushio, but Zero Six took over from Ushio and took a shot at Yuuki and Tsukasa. Before any serious damage, Zero Seven came to their aid and they all escaped.

Kirio Kikuhara later informed Ushio that no one had informed the police that Ushio is a spy, but that he has to stay safe and should monitor Yuuki. Everyone involved with the incident at the Mino Hotel (the F Squad) all know that Ushio is Zero Five, but they decided not to report it until they can secure him because they would have to report it to Kikuhara, also a police officer. Ushio was thereafter able to continue with his duties as a police, but the F Squad planned to secure him who is still active on C Squad so that he doesn't interfere with the raid on the CCC hideout. With the CCC attempting to kill Ushio, the police decide to put him into hiding. After being in confinement for two months, constantly being monitored and forbidden to go outside, Ushio grew depressed. One of the security guards explained that Ushio has been trying to get a rise out of them by masturbating often.

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