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ReMI is an abbreviation for "Redeyes' Metamorphic Insufficiency Syndrome." It refers to devils who don't have bloodlust, can't transform and lack the ability to heal. People who are half or a quarter devil, the transformation becomes insufficient for them.[1]

Indefinite ReMI[]

Among the ReMIs that were born in the hybrid program, ReMIs have begun to show structural changes. This type of ReMI indicates that physical nature changes due to a certain trigger. This is normal for hybrids such as Lee and Anzai.[1]

Hereditary ReMI[]

ReMI is typically a hereditary insufficiency affecting the transformational abilities of certain devils. The defining characteristics are a rejection response upon ingestion of human blood, a lack or deficiency to blood. In most cases, all of the conditions listed occur concurrently, but even if only one condition is present, the patient is considered to have ReMI.


  • Johannes Kleeman and Eka are one of the few devils who have ReMI.
    • Yuuki Anzai was also in ReMI for the first 21 years of his life, but this changed after drinking blood and meeting his girlfriend Tsukasa Taira who awoke his bloodlust and sexual drive.
    • Kaname Shirase was also ReMI before drinking blood.



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