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Ryunosuke Katagiri


Oryo PostTS

Oryo Anime

Kanji 片桐 龍之介
Romaji Katagiri Ryūnosuke
Alias Oryo (おりょう Oryō?)
Biological Information
Species Devil
Gender Male
Age 36
Height 174 cm / 5'8"
Hair Color Light Brown
Date of Birth June 24th, 1977
Unique Features Cleft chin
Eyesight Left 3.9 / Right 4.0
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Relatives Mikoto Katagiri (Mother)
Former Affiliation
  • Bar Cross
  • Bar CALM
Occupation Waiter
Hometown Shinagawa Prefecture
Manga Debut Line 4, Paradox
Anime Debut Episode 3; Paradox
Japanese VA Daisuke Hirakawa
English VA Antonio Lasanta

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Ryunosuke Katagiri (片桐 龍之介 Katagiri Ryūnosuke?), more commonly known by his nickname Oryo (おりょう Oryō?), is a kindhearted and timid devil who was framed for the murder of his coworker, Minami, while working at Bar CALM.

History Edit

Oryo was born and raised in a rural part of Kanagawa. Since Oryo's family's devil clan was chased out of the city years ago, they hid away in the countryside. They kept their whereabouts a secret to minimize the chances to be attacked by humans.
Katagiri Incident

Oryo in a fight with another boy.

But when they grew more reclusive, other devils who requested to move into the area were rejected, so a big drop in the number of devil households occurred. This also led to inbreeding occurring. This is why Oryo's family have been weak for generations with short lifespans.

In his adolescence, Oryo got into a fight with a boy and when he punched him, he caused the boy to bleed. Oryo then almost killed the boy by drinking his blood. Ever since then, he has been careful to control his bloodlust.

Appearance Edit

Oryo is an adult man with an average build and height. He has straight, lower-chin length hair which he tucks behind his ears, and middle-parted bangs with two locks framing his face. He has light-colored eyes and slight dark circles under his eyes due to being a non-blood-drinking devil. He also has a little beard and his most prominent feature is his cleft chin. After the timeskip, his hair has grown longer which he now wears in a ponytail. He also has his bangs slicked back.

Gallery Edit

Katagiri Younger
A younger Oryo.

Personality Edit

Oryo is a very kind-hearted person. He is helpful and considerate, always trying to help others whatever they are someone he knows or not. When he is at fault for something, he immediately apologizes properly. He is also a bit timid and meek at times, and does not appear very self-confident. He is also careful about controlling his bloodlust and will leave the area as soon as he feels the urge to drink blood. This behavior is linked to an event that happened in his adolescence.

Story Edit

While Tsukasa Taira leaves a grocery store, she is struck by Oryo, who is clearly distressed. After he helps her pick up her groceries, he quickly continues running. Later on, the news reported that a man seen fleeing a crime had still not been found. Yuuki Anzai tells Tsukasa that the murder might be the work of a devil who tried to hide the blood loss by stabbing the body in multiple locations. Yuuki warns her about trusting strangers like the one who ran into her earlier. The two are soon after interrupted by a strange sound from the balcony and find Oryo outside. Yuuki calls in about Oryo and they confirm that he fled but is innocent, as his human manager Okino wanted to frame him for the murder. Yuuki then asks Oryo why he ran if he wasn't guilty, and Oryo explains that when he senses he might lose control, he immediately turns tail and runs. After the questions, the three of them share a hot-pot together, and Takashi Sawazaki and Juliana Lloyd come to pick him up for questioning.

Since his original workplace, Bar CALM, would be an unsafe environment for Oryo, he was hired in Bar Cross instead, which was arranged by Sawazaki. Bar Cross, a members-only devil bar, has a good relationship with Division 5 and is therefore a safe environment for all devils. However, he became unemployed again since the only members of the bar, his manager Kiwako Oe and his co-worker, Wataru Akase were murdered by the CCC since they knew Oryo was a witness for the truth behind the Ikebukuro Incident, so they didn't risk the chance of him telling them.

Oryo continued in hiding from the CCC so he wouldn't be attacked as well. After a while, Oryo stepped out and is currently looking for a new job, but after everything that has happened to him, it has been difficult for him. Oryo considers giving up and going back home since his family has been weak for generations.

Relationships Edit

Minami Edit

When Oryo was working at Bar CALM, Minami was the only one who treated him with kindness and as a human being despite him being a devil. Oryo was deeply grateful for this and began considering her his best friend. Oryo claims that she was the reason he remained uncorrupt and refrained from becoming a true demon. Her death shook and enraged Oryo, and he promised that he would avenge her someday by killing her murderer, Okino.

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