Shouta Akimura


Akimura Anime

Kanji 秋村 肖太
Romaji Akimura Shōta
Biological Information
Species Devil
Gender Male
Age 23
Hair Color Beige
Eye Color Light Brown
Date of Birth September 14th
Biographical Information
Status Alive, incarcerated
Relationship Status Single
Former Affiliation Keio University
Former Occupation First year graduate student
Manga Debut Chapter 1; Dark Side
Anime Debut Episode 1; Dark Side
Japanese VA Hiro Shimono
English VA Scott Searles

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Shouta Akimura (秋村 肖太 Akimura Shōta?) was a graduate student at Keio University majoring in Sociology and Human Geography. He was good friends with Tsukasa Taira and Miwako Toda, as they shared the same major. He was also in love with Tsukasa, but in order to suppress his bloodlust for her, he killed three women in separate cases by raping them and drinking their blood. He was arrested by Yuuki Anzai for his crimes.

To keep his identity as a devil hidden from the public, it was reported that he went away to Canada to study abroad.

Appearance Edit

Normal Edit

Akimura is a young man with an average build and height. He has short, beige-colored hair with messy bangs framing his face. He has light-brown eyes but they are often depicted being closed.

Transformed Edit

In Akimura's transformation into a devil, his eyes, like all other devils, wil turn red and his irises yellow, and veins will appear around his eyes. His teeth will sharpen into fangs and his nails into claws.

Personality Edit

Akimura is portrayed as a calm, kind and considerate young man, but will turn nervous when the topic of devils are brought up, especially around Tsukasa. He was also in love with Tsukasa and cared for her deeply, but this, in turn, made him kill and rape three women in order to suppress his bloodlust for Tsukasa. His identity as a devil made him very self-conscious and guilty, as he didn't understand why he had to kill other women, and wondered if it would be better if he died. He just wanted all human life to be equal.

Story Edit

One day, Akimura, Tsukasa, and Miwako were riding the train. When Miwaki brought up the subject of devils to Tsukasa, Akimura interrupted by saying that she wasn't interested in that stuff. When they reached Tsukasa's station, Akimura walked her home since she lived quite far away. While walking, they felt a presence of something "dangerous" and proceeded to take a detour. When they came to safety, Tsukasa was seen being scared in which Akimura embraced her. He also whispered something to Tsukasa to which she pushed him away, and he apologized. At that moment, Yuuki Anzai appeared. When showing his bleeding finger and proclaimed him as the devil serial killer, Akimura slowly transformed into a devil and denied Anzai's words about him killing and raping three women. But he later came to admit his crimes, but he later expressed his guilt about having to kill women in order to "protect" Tsukasa so he wouldn't kill her as well, and wondered if it would be better if he just died. Before being arrested by Anzai, Akimura stroked Tsukasa's cheek and apologized to her.

To keep his identity as a devil hidden from the public, his arresting was reported as him studying abroad in Canada.

Relationships Edit

Tsukasa Taira Edit

Akimura was in love with Tsukasa, and she in turn also seemed to have some affection towards him. Both valued their relationship a lot and seemed to have a strong connection. It was seen that Akimura was very protective of Tsukasa and wanted to protect her from all harm, and even killed other women so he didn't have to drink Tsukasa's blood or kill her, and he insisted that he didn't want drink Tsukasa's blood either. Before getting arrested, Akimura apologized to Tsukasa and gave her soft look while stroking her cheek. According to Anzai, despite the crimes he had committed, he only showed his good side around Tsukasa, and he notes that Akimura's feelings towards Tsukasa were really genuine, but the fact that he was a devil made it harder for him to hide his true identity. This revelation deeply shook Tsukasa and she had lingering feelings towards Akimura for a while as well.

People killed Edit

  • Three unnamed women

Trivia Edit

  • Akimura was supposed to have glasses since the author really wanted a character with glasses, but everytime the author drew Akimura, the glasses disappeared. But since he liked Tsukasa, the author gave him a pair of tinted glasses to cover his eyes.

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