• Hey, I wanted to welcome you and also try to coordinate with you a bit.

    I really love what you've done and you're clearly better at making tables than me.  Anyway, the manga page you made is really similar to the List of Volumes page I made the other day.  I think we should find a way to merge them together.  

    Also, with your set up, it looks like you want to have a separate page for each chapter, but I put the summaries of all 6 chapters in volume 1 on one page.  I can change that maybe.  I'm not really sure the best way to organize everything, but we should both work towards a single system.

    Yeah, welcome again!  How far are you into the manga?  Who's your favorite character?

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    • Hey! Yeah, I just realized that there were two pages of almost the same things, sorry! But I thought about having the volumes and chapters on the manga page, and then having the summaries of the volumes on the volume pages. Maybe I'll fix a volume and chapter template, so yeah separating some stuff will probably be better and more organized. But I look forward to working with you!

      Thanks for welcoming me! I'm currently at chapter 42, and my favorite character is Anzai or Johannes, but I really like all of them! How about you?

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    • Yeah, sounds good.  Let's just look at any updates before we start working on more.

      My favorite characters are Yuuki and Tamaki.  Hans is cool too, but he kinda creeps me out when he starts to transform.  I think if he ever does it'll be bad news!

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