I finished summarizing all of the chapters available in English.  Next, I have to translate the chapters in Volume 10.  I already started (with the easy parts). I'm going to have to look up some words to do the rest.  I'll try to write them down and add them to my flashcard deck too. 

I'm excited though, because Volume 10 is really good.  The last chapter is going to be difficult.  Oh my god, I was just reading it on the plane the other day and Midori is a 100% TMI machine.  I still can't help but like her though. Just...less so. Also, for some reason I had never read the last pages and I missed a whole bunch of stuff that foreshadows what's to come. Eh, I tend to jump around like that with the Japanese version though. I always skip the parts where a bunch of police officers are having a meeting. I really hate the jargon. Even in English, I tend to have trouble with that stuff. It's why I have trouble getting through Tokyo Ghoul. The CCG is soooo boring. Heh. CCG. CCC. Except CCC is actually a good acronym. Hanada sensei is really good at English if she's the one coming up with the chapter titles and stuff.