Did it!  Okay, it's a day late, but I summarized chapter 25.  It's over!  You're welcome, internet.  I did your dirty work.  

I think I'm coming down with something.  I need to go to bed.

Oh and I noticed something about chapter 24 right as I was waking up yesterday morning.  And I wanted to comment about it.

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS (up through volume 10)

So, I never noticed Midori's scar until I started doing the character profiles, but she's got a scar on her chest.  As she's giving her speach in chapter 24, there's a panel of a devil and a human attempting to have sex in front of a pair of doctors, but the chains break and it all goes bottom up (or so I'm assuming).  The devil looks an awful lot like Tamaki and the human looks an awful lot like Midori, even though we can't see their faces.  I went back and checked volume 10 after that and even though Midori was partial to button-up blouses (it's like she's trying to keep a secret!) there is one day where she's wearing a V-neck.  Her collar bones are drawn, but there's no scar.  So, I think when Article 113 got passed, Midori was misled into thinking sex with a devil could be had safely and since she works with a bunch of doctors, she got them to help her do it.  She got hurt (the scar) and came up with her hypothesis about the article's real intentions. 

Oh, and I think it was after the article got passed and not before because in the panel with the sex, she has long hair.  In volume 10, she has short hair.

It makes me feel sorry for her - that she got her hopes up like that.  It must have been painful.

._.  I need to stop.  I'm sorry.