Yay, volume 5 is finished!  I'm hoping that I can do a lot during the winter break.  I don't think I can finish the summaries, but I think it would be nice to finish through volume 9.

Also, lots of anime news today!  It's going to release in April of next year.  I think that's going to be plenty of time to get the site to a good place before more people start showing up.  I'm guessing that we'll have a bit more traffic after a trailer goes up, but by that I mean we might actually have traffic.  Right now, it's more like an unfinished expressway and the only one on it is like one construction worker.  I am not comfortable with similes but I think that works pretty well.  

Lots of casting news as well.  I already made a pointless discussion post about it.  Now I'm making a pointless blog post!!!  But yeah, they cast Nanako, Kenichi Yoshii, Ushio, Asami, and Ishimaru.  The only one I find surprising is Ishimaru because he comes soooo late in the series.  So, I think one of two things is going to happen.  One:  They are going to rush through 5 volumes of material in one season.  Two:  They are going to cut or change content so that Ishimaru enters the story earlier on.  Of those two options, I prefer option one.  I mean, it's possible to change the story, but why fix something that isn't broken?  I mean, hardly anyone knows about this series anyway, may as well make it a true adaptation so that more people can know it exists.  We'll see...

As far as the casting choices, I haven't exactly looked into everything, but I think Ishimaru's choice is a good fit based on his previous work.  The only one that concerns me is Nanako's because the only stuff I know the actress from are shows where she plays a really high-pitched character.  Nanako needs to be this badass, no nonsense, kinda broken sounding person.  I'm pretty sure they're not going to give Nanako a high-pitched cutesy voice, but I can't imange what that actress sounds like with a more normal voice.