So, I'm trying to be more spoiler friendly.  I went back and replaced names.  It's mostly just 02 that's the problem.  I also used people's most commonly used name, so Johannes Kleiman is now always referred to as Hans Lee and so on.  Even in the character links at the bottom of chapters.  

I made some more character pages.  Finished the CCC members.  Queen is kinda a lost cause right now.  I only realized he was a dude like a week ago when I found out his first name was the super masculine "Akihito".  Dude looks like a lady.  I really need to reread the parts he's in.  

I'm getting more English books soon!

Uhh, oh and I did a few more chapter summaries.  Yay.  I want those to be done because they take forever.

In other news, the Devils' Line twitter page is great.  There's this cute picture of best boy Tamaki with best girl Midori about to have their first kiss and it is the most adorable thing I've seen in months.  Months!